Kill the maggots!

After Trump surprisingly won the election fair and square in 2016, the Democrats have gone stark, raving mad, nonstop. And there’s the nincompoop Keith Olbermann. My favorite Indian, Dinesh D’Souza, comments on Olbermann’s video outburst.

In the wake of the growing WalkAway Movement, one must wonder about those people who are sticking with the Democrat Party. I do. I wonder.

Do you wonder too?

Sick of the mainstream media’s lies and sins of omission? Go here instead:


Washington Examiner.

Sadly, there are signs Trump is going to lose.

One sharp Indian

A couple of days back, I posted a reaction to the presidential debate which noted how different it was from previous debates, specifically the polite one between Jack Kennedy and Tricky Dick Nixon in 1960.

I posed the questions: What is happening with the world? Where is decorum? Where is civilization? In this brief video. Dinesh D’Souza nails the basic reason. The political parties once agreed on goals while disagreeing on how to attain them. That agreement on goals has vanished, taking civility along with it.

Meet Bevlyn Beatty

You’re gonna love this gal. I do. Two months ago, she was arrested in New York City for defacing the huge “Black Lives Matter” sign that had been painted on a New York City street with the approval of De Blasio’s leftist City Hall. To say Bev is not a supporter of De Blasio or BLM is to state it mildly. She is smarter than that.

She now has a YouTube channel with 117,000 subscribers, one of whom is me. There are only 12 videos to date. She is a successful business owner, from what I can make out, a very devout Christian, and she’s not a woman who keeps opinions to herself.

This 22 minutes will make you smile. It will make you laugh. And nod. Bev is not a fan of the victim mindset in the black community, the mindset encouraged by the Democrat Socialist Party. She is particularly critical of black men who consider themselves victims. She says they are girly men. Soy Boys. Really, I am not making this up.

The above video was made on August 30. The one below was released yesterday as she and a “partner in crime” were preparing to turn themselves into the police as requested. Bev has nothing but good things to say about the police. Blue Lives Matter to her.

The cops arrested her because they had no choice.

The second video ends with their playing Elvis’s rendition of Jailhouse Rock.

Face of fanaticism*

Behold the stony mug of Sarah Iannarone who will face the current mayor of Portland, Oregon, in a runoff election on November 3. She is a fanatic, a supporter of the terrorist organization known as Antifa.

Give us a smile, honeybun! No?

For years, I’ve observed the United States circle the drain hole. The primary problem is that it’s a nation full of spoiled people who’ve never faced an existential threat.** With some exceptions, Americans, especially on the coasts, are self-absorbed and ignorant.

There are many upshots of this. The open-borders mindset because “all cultures are of equal value.” The embrace of diversity, which I’ve been telling you for years is a recipe for murder and mayhem. Have you listened? Sadly not.

And now you have anti-American Mohammedans walking the hallowed halls of Congress and terrorist groups handing up popular candidates for various political offices.

And plenty of nincompoops are voting for them.

Iannarone’s platform includes “housing for all,” defunding the cops, and Lord knows how many other “free” things. Iannarone says she’s an Antifan because “the Red Hats are coming after brown & black people, after Jews, after queer & trans people, and more.”

Someone forgot to tell her about Jews, that Israel is an oppressor nation.***

Vote for Trump in November even though a second term will only be jamming another ball of orange hair into that drain hole through which the nation is spinning. People like Iannarone and her ignorant ilk have plenty of Drano in their cupboards.

It’s a great time to live in Mexico.


* Alternate headline: The Face of Evil. Both are accurate.

** The last time was three decades ago when the Soviet Union collapsed.

*** No, it’s not.