Sunlight from a window shines on my face one cold morning

Yesterday had that feel. Maybe it was due to being post-Christmas.

It’s time to winterize.

I started by culling. My scarf pile was too high. Ditto the watch cap collection.

I have slimmed down to just five scarves. Three are wide, and one of those is a scarlet Christian Dior! I have had it for decades. A second wide is black-and-white wool my child bride knitted. I’m wearing it in the photo. The third wide she also knitted, acrylic.

The watch cap collection now numbers four. I tossed three others. Various defects.

I favor watch caps, but my wife dislikes them. No matter. My favoring, in this instance, outweighs her dislike. I think watch caps give me a Jack London look.

Plus, they can be warm and comfy. My favorite is the one in the photo. It’s also on my head at this moment as I type. All are solid dark colors except one that’s multicolored. Jack London would have sniffed at the multicolored.

And then there are sweaters. My child bride has helped there too. My favorite is a black turtleneck she knitted years ago. It has an Aztec skull on the chest, beautifully done.

I didn’t cull sweaters yesterday because the sweaters were culled in past years. In addition to the black, wool turtleneck, I have a red acrylic my child bride knitted, a cotton Eddie Bauer from years back, a wool white-and-black, store-bought, that I rarely wear because it’s tough to get on and off. Too bad because it’s nice otherwise.

And then there’s the hand-woven green wool I bought in Galway, Ireland, in 1977. Still looks great and fits fine after all these years. Clothes-wise, I’m ready.

No culling needed for pants. They are always jeans. There are other coats and jackets, but they stay the course from year to year.

There’s the issue of heat. We have no central heat, of course. We have two fireplaces that get used less every year. We have two portable propane heaters downstairs and one upstairs. They work pretty well if you sit near them.

The basic protection against winter cold here is simply to bundle up in warm clothing and sleep under goose down. My best house coat is a big, thick, red-plaid Abercrombie and Fitch number that I call my Dope Coat.

I call it that because when I swallowed psilocybin and LSD in the late 1990s, I would put it on to keep warm. Entheogens can give you a chill. Maybe you did not know that.

But I’m winterized now. Sweaters fluffed. Watch caps and scarves at the ready. Down comforter as always. And the Dope Coat.

Most people think living in Mexico means heat, but that’s not always true. We live 7,200 feet high in the mountains, and it frequently freezes overnight in winter.

Then it warms up in the afternoon, becoming quite lovely.

* * * *

(Note: Culled items went into a plastic bag, and will be gifted to the “underprivileged.”)