And the days pass

Where the mother-in-law once ruled the roost.

WHILE WE’VE taken the Swedish approach to the Plague Year, that still leaves us at home more than before March, but less than the month or so in the middle. Free time means space and life to fill, and I’m doing that.

I’ve decided to make a cactus zone where I recently removed the profusion of mother-in-law plants. There were already some cacti amid the mess, like those tall mothers, but I’ve been adding others, smaller plants that resided in pots but now will live free.

This morning found me driving down the mountainside alone to shop in the nearby capital city. I was riding solo because Costco won’t let more than one person in the store per membership, so my child bride was left behind, which probably pleased her just fine and dandy due to the early hour.

However, just as I was jumping into the Honda at 8:45, I noticed a tire was very low on air, so I drove to a tire-repair place just up the way where the guy found not one but two nails piercing the rubber. That put me behind schedule on the shopping trip.

Just a bit, 45 minutes. Set me back just over three bucks too.

The afternoon presented opportunities to both kill time and be useful, a lovely combination. I painted a scraped area on the side of the house with Seacoast Red. I changed the water in the ceramic birdbath. Earlier, I made spaghetti topped off with bottled tomato sauce, canned tuna and a bit of sausage from San Antonio.

I responded to some people who had left comments here, which is always fun, plus it gave me another chance to sing the praises of Donald Trump. I wish we had such a fine man in the president’s chair in Mexico instead of the megalomaniac we do have.

We hung up king sheets on the clothesline because we don’t own a dryer. I checked the water in the underground cistern. The incoming water has been cut off a week — my doing — because the cistern is due its annual cleaning. It’s about half empty today. It holds 900 liters. Likely be empty in another week. Then we must ladder down and do the work ourselves. We could hire someone, but we never have.

I got a crick in my back climbing out last year, so it may be time for me to retire from underground cistern maintenance. I prefer to see myself as eternally 35.

There’s always something to do at home during the Plague Year even if you’ve embraced the carefree Swedish System. We dined in a new restaurant yesterday, not one we’ll likely return to. I think it’s where I got the second nail in the tire.

Plus, the pastrami was dry.

And the days pass.

Going full Swede

SwedenENOUGH ALREADY! We’ve been doing what many are doing for the past five weeks, which is staying at home except for essential activities. But now we’re adapting the Swedish system instead of the shoot-yourself-in-the-head routine. And perish of boredom.

Today, we’ve officially gone Swede even though we kinda started yesterday when we drove downtown to visit a favored pastry shop on the plaza for breakfast biscuits. I bought 10 to go. And today, we’re lunching in a restaurant, a big breakthrough. Then we’re passing by the Downtown Casita to measure a spot in the carport which we’ll fill with ceramic tile. And then we’ll go to the tile store to buy (or order) the tile.

When we have the tile, we’ll call “the guy” who will install it. He needs work.

We’re going to lead normal lives, but we’ll do it like Swedes who do it smart, which is wear a face mask when convenient and maintaining distance from others when we can. If we can’t, we’ll do whatever is required. It’s hard to pay someone from six feet away.

Or have a waiter put sushi on your table.

I’ve done some calculations regarding this Plague Year hysteria, much of which is being pushed for political purposes in the United States, and the hysteria has affected the Mexican media too, though Mexicans are, for the most part, at least in my area, going about their daily lives as always. When we went downtown yesterday, I noticed some businesses were closed, but many were open, probably the majority.

Most were nonessential except to the owners, of course.

When the Kung Flu appeared on the scene a few months ago, it looked frightful. It was very contagious, we were told, and each sick person could infect five or 10 others, and each of them would do the same, and on and on. By God, in no time, the entire Earth would be either dead or breathing heavily. That’s what we were led to believe.

Now, when many are saying it’s on the point of winding down to some extent, I’ve done some calculations. Mexico’s population is about 128,700,000 souls. The number of people with confirmed Kung Flu now sits at 0.002 percent of the population.

The death rate, of course, is far smaller than even that minuscule figure.

Here in my colonial mountaintop town, with a population of about 93,000 people, the confirmed-case percentage is 0.015 percent. Do you have your reading glasses? Can you even see those numbers? Our fatalities? Just one, over a month ago.

But I’m an old dude, and more at risk, you’re thinking. Well, I am an old dude, but how much of a higher risk am I? Unlike most people my age, I have no known health issues. I do not take daily pills for this, that and the other. Not one. I’m not fat. I don’t have diabetes. I breathe just fine, and my heart pumps on a regular basis. My blood pressure is excellent, ditto for the pulse rate. Cholesterol is normal.

So off I go, to live like a Swede. Call me Nils or Ludvig.

And if I die of the Kung Flu, etch Call Him Stupid on my gravestone.

I won’t care.

* * * *

(WARNING! If you live in the United States, unilaterally adopting the Swedish lifestyle may land you in jail and/or facing a steep fine. This is much more likely to happen in zones controlled by Democrat politicians and judges. Proceed with caution, and always vote Republican if you value your liberty. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s because you read the NYT and listen to CNN.)

Canuck tells the truth

CANADA HAS socialized medicine. It works well at times and at other times, it does not. Leftist Americans are fond of pointing to Canada as something to be copied, healthcare-wise. Those same people enjoy citing Sweden’s “democratic socialism” as worthy of imitation. Bernie Sanders is one of those people. He is a dim bulb.

I have addressed Sweden at least twice in the past. The first time was in 2016 when the disastrous effects of open borders was addressed. That is worth revisiting. More recently, I looked at Swedish socialism, which is a myth. You can revisit that right here.

Open borders has been a disaster for Sweden, and their socialism doesn’t exist. They did give it a relatively brief try years back till they realized their error and corrected it.

But today’s topic is healthcare, specifically Canada’s. The Canucks have one sort of problem with healthcare, and the United States has another.

As I’ve mentioned often, Mexico’s healthcare system is the superior of the three. We have a government-run system, which serves poor folks fairly well, and we  have a private system, which is excellent, but you must pay, but not nearly what you pay above the border. Our government system has worsened since the nincompoop, populist president who goes by AMLO took office 16 months ago.

And quite a few lower-income Mexicans use the private system. That’s how inexpensive it is, thanks to competitive capitalism.

AMLO vowed to give us a system like Canada’s. But what he’s given us so far is a worse government system. The private system still works nicely, however.

In praise of window locks and border walls

The Criminal Special: Central Americans ride the rails through Mexico.

NATIONS NEED border walls because a nation is a family, and families are good things, so nations are good things too, the concept.

Nations, like regular family units, are groups of people connected by race, religion, history, language and culture. Some families are dysfunctional, and some nations are dysfunctional. Those latter are the ones President Trump allegedly labeled “shitholes.”

A bit harsh but correct in some cases.

The dysfunctional families and nations are dysfunctional not so much due to race but to a troubled culture, religion and history. Some cultures are superior to others, sometimes far superior. How do you grade a culture, giving it an A-plus, a C or an F?

Its grade depends on the lifestyle it provides its people. Thus, Haiti gets an F, Bolivia gets a D and Canada, Australia and New Zealand get an A. Due to the problem the United States created for itself centuries ago with the slavery thing and now its blowback, it gets a B on average though some states get an A (Texas), and others get a C-minus (California).

If you’ve got a well-functioning nation (or family), which depends, as we have already established, on race, religion, language, history and culture, you must exercise caution when people from other nations (or families) want to move into the house with you.

Sweden had an A-plus culture for a long time. They were a homogeneous people with a common culture, language, etc. Sweden then decided it would be a swell idea to open its borders to hordes of people from the Middle East, no questions asked.

Sweden is now known as the “Rape Capital of Europe.” This should come as no surprise when you consider they invited into their midst a staggeringly different culture, one that suppresses women and embraces an extremist, macho religion.

Sweden shot itself in the head with an AR-15. In the name of multiculturalism.

If you’ve got a successful nation (or family), caution is in order before unlocking the door to your neighbors. That’s why border walls — and locks on your home windows — are very wise things. When Trump said he would build a wall, he also said it would have a “big beautiful door” for the deserving to enter. That latter part is seldom mentioned.

Mexico is very insulted by Trump’s border wall idea. How dare he? And yet millions of Mexicans have entered the United States illegally, so many that the culture in some parts of the United States seems more like Mexico than the United States.

And to add the proverbial insult to injury, Mexico lets Central Americans enter through its southern border, hoists them atop that famous train where they jump off near the Rio Bravo to swim, hike, tunnel and fence-climb into the United States.

How dare Trump suggest a wall? The man has such gall.

The United States already has many miles of border wall, but it needs lots more and even higher. Maybe a moat with gators. But Mexico needs a wall down south too. Sweden needed one, but it seems too late now. Sweden is a goner. R.I.P.

All nations need border walls if they want to maintain their integrity, and if the nation is a very successful one (great culture), the need for a wall grows exponentially.

* * * *

(Note: It is common knowledge that Jews and Asians are smarter than the rest of us. Do the Asian nations or Israel leave their doors wide open in the name of multiculturalism and diversity? Not on your life, Bub, proving their high IQ.)