The height advantage

I WAS BORN tall and white. Blessed, as it were.

Don’t believe, however, that there aren’t downsides to being tall. Think airplanes, buses, theaters, subways and much of Latin America. We duck a lot, and we squinch up. It can be uncomfortable.

rulerThe upsides include other folks often having higher opinions of you. It has been proven that you make more money, all other things being equal, and you get hired more quickly.

Life is easier for the tall.

This applies more to men than women, however. Being extra tall for a woman can be a drawback. You gotta be gorgeous. My sister, who is 6 feet tall, is only normal looking. She had one date in high school.

Later in life, she grew increasingly sour and decided to be a lesbian.

So if you’re gonna be tall, try and be a guy.

It’s exciting when a lovely girl must stand on her toes to kiss you.

I was also born white, another plus. You probably have heard this phrase white privilege  that the collectivists have invented. It means, like being tall, you were born with a leg up. And you were.

It’s a trendy concept these days. You are supposed to feel guilty. They even throw events on ivy league campuses to emphasize the guilt you gotta feel. That’s balderdash.

If you’re born tall, white and male, you’ve scored a trifecta.

Here on the far side of life, I now realize I could have done so much more with it. No matter. Girls still have to stand on their tippy-toes to kiss me, but only one does it, and she’s my favorite.