“I’ve learned my lesson”

I moved to Mexico from Texas 21 years ago. I had lived in Houston 15 years. I loved it. My then-wife and I occasionally visited Austin, which was a spectacular place.

Seems that it’s changed a bit.

Austin, a university town, is a bastion of leftism in an otherwise sensible state, and it’s done what cities run by leftists invariably do, shot itself in the foot, to put it mildly.

This video shows Austin now, a mess.

Austin made it legal to create hobo camps, and it voted to defund the police. Guess what happened next? My favorite line in the video is from that woman who says at the 1:12-minute point: “I’m a Democrat, but I’ve learned my lesson.”

I learned my lesson in 2008, which is when I abandoned the Democrat Party and the chaos it’s creating all over my former nation. Have you learned your lesson yet?