Mexico, 1935

HERE IS an interesting video. It is, as the headline has already revealed, Mexico in 1935, a tour from the border taken by a couple of Gringos in a Chrysler of the era. I never knew those old cars were so sturdy.

If you just want to see the tour and avoid the introductory babble, start at about the four-minute mark. In the latter half of the video the intrepid travelers go to a bullfight in Mexico City’s Plaza México, the biggest bullring in the world, then and now. The two of us went to a bullfight there a few years ago. I wrote about it. It was my first bullfight and, I imagine, my last. I do not object on moral grounds, just not my type of thing.

And then they visit Teotihuacán, the pre-Aztec ruins north of Mexico City. My then-intended took me there in 2002, not long after we met. It was very hot. I was not young, even then. I purchased a bottle of water and climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to make an impression on the young woman. Almost killed me.

I got a chuckle out of one video moment. It’s common to hear Gringos oooh and ahhh over how friendly the locals are. The narrator repeats this myth as the camera pans across four or five Mexican men scowling at the lens.

It’s a fun and interesting video, even if you are not fortunate enough to live here.