The power grabs

You may recall that the day before last November’s presidential election I predicted that Biden would win via election fraud on the part of the Democrat/Socialist Party. I was proven correct.*

President Trump drew massive crowds at rallies while Biden, when he did campaign, which was rare, hardly drew a handful, plus he was clearly mentally challenged, something that’s grown worse since he was inaugurated. Now he’s often incoherent. If you are unaware of this, turn off CNN and stop reading rags like The New York Times.

I won?

It amuses me in a sad way to see how many conservatives are bellowing about the election audits that are ongoing in certain areas, as if anything is going to remove Sleepy Joe from office aside from the passing of his four years or his literal passing, which would only leave us with that cackling Kamala who would be just as bad but in another way.

Then there was the recall campaign against California’s disaster of a governor, Gavin Newsom. In a sane world, he would have been tossed out the door handily by voters, but he won! Even famously conservative Orange County went for Newsom. If you buy that, I have a bridge in a desert to sell you for an honest price.

The Democrat/Socialist Party is perfecting its skills at steals.

Tuesday there is another important election, the governorship of Virginia, in which former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe is running against Republican Glenn Youngkin. It’s considered an indicator of what will happen in next year’s midterms.

While McAuliffe was comfortably ahead in the polls in August, it was a dead heat today, and Republicans are fairly confident their man will win, which he likely would in an honest world. After all, among other gaffs, McAuliffe recently said that parents should not have a say in how their kids are educated.

It should be left up to the government. You know, like in Cuba.

McAuliffe has also complained that Virginia has too many white teachers.

No matter. I’m putting my money on McAuliffe, on the thuggery of the Democrats and the boundless naivety of Republicans.

*I thought this was the first White House steal in U.S. history since Andrew Jackson’s initial win was wrested from him in 1824. But Seymour Hersh’s excellent book The Dark Side of Camelot makes a compelling case for the Democrats’ also stealing the presidential election of 1960, putting John Kennedy in the White House with the help of the Mafia.

Journalistic corruption

The good old days. I wonder who Ingray was.


Of the four newspapers that employed me during my checkered, 30-year career, two are defunct,* and the two remainders are not doing well. I am referring to the Houston Chronicle and The Times-Picayune. The latter, a New Orleans publication, has teamed up with the Baton Rouge paper to cut costs and hang on.

Both the Houston and New Orleans newspapers were powerhouses, especially the Chronicle which was in the top 10 circulation-wise in the nation. Nearly everyone who worked there voted Democrat, including me, but the papers remained almost entirely nonpartisan which is how genuine journalism functions.

That has changed, but not just at those two newspapers. Almost the entire news media have become partisan, pushing the Democrat Party line. All conservatives know this, and some Democrats do too.

Two glaring examples appeared over the past few days. I am sure there are many more, but my two previous workplaces have done this to support their party in Washington D.C.:

They are ignoring completely the Afghanistan disaster caused by the Democrat Cabal in the White House.

Neither has anything about the situation on its website. Nothing! It is astounding.

Their coverage demonstrates two things: One is slavish White House support. Two is how trivial our minds have become. What are those two papers publishing? Sports, entertainment, dining, street construction and covid, covid, covid. Most of it is pure blather.

Speaking of publishing powerhouses, and to their credit, The New York Times and The Washington Post are reporting Biden’s Afghanistan mess very well. I know it must pain them. Good.


*The New Orleans States-Item and The San Juan Star.

The morning news

This is not me in the photo. Just so you know.


When I lived in Houston, Texas, I worked evenings till about 1 a.m., and I would stay in bed the following morning till around 9. My wife would have already departed for her job, so I would be alone.

She would have scooped up The Wall Street Journal from our suburban lawn and left it inside for me. I would sit in the living room in a wing chair and read it. The previous night I would have read The Houston Chronicle because that’s where I worked.

I wish I still had access to The Wall Street Journal, but I don’t. No physical newspaper awaits me in the mornings because there is no home delivery. I don’t know if there is U.S.-style home delivery anywhere in Mexico. Or if it still exists above the Rio Bravo.

Now I get out of bed about 7 a.m., and I climb the stairs to the second floor, turn on the H-P All-in-One and read the news online. Mostly, I read these three in this order: Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and the New York Post. The last one is more for chuckles than anything.

On very rare occasion, I open The New York Times and The Washington Post if I am curious about the Democrat Party’s line of the day.

This morning, Breitbart tells me the University of Rhode Island has decided not to destroy World War II murals, that Marvel Comics has Captain America saying the American Dream is a lie, that Albuquerque social studies “recommended books” for students are all about “race and queerness,” and that Cori Bush says July 4 is only for white people because black Americans still aren’t free.

This, she says, from her office in the U.S. Congress.

I also learn a Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah deems the American flag a “symbol of hatred.”

I open The New York Times, and see nothing of this. I do read “why record-breaking overnight temperatures are so concerning” and that a 14-year-old has become the first black American to win the spelling bee and that world economic leaders are meeting to finalize a global tax agreement and that “the G.O.P. heads further into the abyss.”

The NYT also seems to think Joe Biden is actually the president instead of being a Deep State figurehead stooge with downward spiraling dementia. And that woman with the desired skin tone and genitalia waits in the warm-up box. She’s known, like a villain in a Batman story, as The Cackler.

I weep for the nation. As should we all.

The Palestine problem

Mohammedan “Palestinians” lost their minds again recently, deciding to fire rockets at Israel. It never turns out well for them, and you’d think they would have figured that out by now, but they have not. Color them dim.

The Democrat Socialist Party in the United States is anti-Semitic as are most university professors and their indoctrinated students across America. They believe the woebegone “Palestinians” are oppressed by Israel, which is baloney.

There is no nation of Palestine and never has been. It’s an area loaded with Mohammedans in that part of the world. This brief video can help you understand what’s happening and has happened over there if you don’t know and perhaps think Israel is oppressing the poor, downtrodden “Palestinians.”

The New York Times and The Washington Post side with the “Palestinians,” of course, as their websites this morning demonstrate. Clearly, they have not watched this informative PragerU video. They reside in a world of ignorance.

There was peace in the Middle East during the Trump Administration — and calm on the Mexican border plus plenty of petrol — but we’re back to business as usual now.

I bring all this to you as a public service. I should provide a tip jar.