Road to Cuanajo

I shot this photo today as we drove toward Cuanajo, which is a village near here that specializes in handmade wood furniture, from utter junk to wood masterpieces the queen of England would be happy to have in one of her taxpayer-funded castles.

Much of our Hacienda furniture was made in Cuanajo. Our latest acquisition was the dining room set we bought two years ago.

Just driving to Cuanajo is a pleasure. It’s not that far, and the road, when you get off the highway toward the state capital, offers spectacular views.

You might see a bull or even a burro.
Wood waiting to be transformed into something beautiful.

The reason we drove toward Cuanajo was to visit a new restaurant which was located before Cuanajo in a much smaller village named Tupàtaro. The restaurant was so-so, not likely we’ll return, but the drive always is worthwhile. Tupàtaro’s claim to fame is not the restaurant but a centuries-old church with incredible ceiling art.

Returning to the Hacienda, barreling down the highway between our mountaintop town and the nearby state capital, I pulled over and took this photo. It’s not Kansas, Toto.