A good drubbing

TO THE EVERLASTING shame of the United States and the clueless electorate that returned him to the White House in 2012, a blatant anti-Semite now rules from the Oval Office.

In this video Marco Rubio takes him, and — by extension — his starry-eyed fans, to the woodshed, verbally speaking. Barry has a reputation for eloquence, something that’s long mystified me (he’s actually quite wooden), but he pales in comparison to the senator from Florida.

I am a fan of Jews and Israel, the only democracy in its region, a place where women can walk free and all religions can be practiced, a place where you will not be stoned to death or beheaded or thrown from a high building for being gay, expressing a contrary opinion about faith, or murdered for marital infidelity if you’re female.

If you’re a man, well, that’s okay.

Most of the Middle East is a despotic Hellhole.

American university campuses in particular are infested with anti-Semites, both students and faculty, and so is much of Europe, a continent with a short memory. It’s pathetic. Let’s give a hand to Marco Rubio today.

You tell ’em, Marco!

I AM NO FAN of Castro’s Cuba.

Alas, we cannot say the same of Sen. Tom Harkin,* a Democrat senator from Iowa, who apparently, on returning from a recent holiday to the island despotism, told his Senate colleagues about the wonderful communist society he found there.

This, understandably, was not to the liking of Sen. Marco Rubio, a first-generation Cuban-American whose parents left Cuba in 1956.

Rubio took to the Senate floor to set the Cuban record straight.

And to give Harkin the verbal comeuppance he richly deserved.

The mind reels at the collectivist mindset. No matter how often socialist experiments fail, and they have all failed or are in the process of failing, people embrace the nutty notion.

It fails on a colossal scale, as in the Soviet Union, Red China and Cuba, or more commonly on a smaller, less ambitious level like numerous West European nations and the State of California, all regions mired in foggy ideas, redistributive debt and strangled by regulations that seek to create a “fair and just society.” It never works. Never.

These pipe dreams always clash with human nature and sound economic principles.

* * * *

* No surprise it’s a Democrat.

(Note: Two years ago, we spent our 10th anniversary in Havana, a fascinating, sad and pathetic place. The primary post on that visit and its hooker sidekick remain the most-read items on The Unseen Moon.)