The new labels

le-penRIGHT-WING FRENCH politician Marine Le Pen opines: There is no more Left or Right. There are only Globalists or Nationalists.

I think she is right, no pun intended. But those labels are another, fresher way, of saying Left and Right.

The key issue is multiculturalism, the diversity thing. It you favor it, you’re on the Left, a Globalist. If you oppose it, as I do, you’re on the Right, a Nationalist.

Multiculturalism has been the rage in elitist, left-wing circles for decades, and its heavy hand inspired the backlash that has Donald Trump heading to the Oval Office. Perhaps he can knock a little sense into our heads.

Multiculturalism was seeded in the 1960s, a hippie thing. It’s Utopian, idealistic, lovely to imagine, dreamy-eyed, and totally unworkable. Like socialism-communism.

It birthed the curse of Political Correctness.

In the real world, people embrace their differences, their individuality, with a vengeance. We love what separates us, what makes us think we’re better than others.


Obama’s a Globalist. Trump’s a Nationalist. The next eight years will be fun as Globalists collide with reality.

I like the new labels.

Bernie’s bunny hole

bernieLOTS OF AMERICANS are scurrying down the Bernie Hole. That would be Bernie Sanders, the socialist candidate who’s running for president as a faux Democrat.

hillBut before we start chuckling at Bernie, let’s get some laughs from the entire Democrat end of the Great Divide.

On that side, we find just two candidates: The humorless, charm-challenged, battle ax and future felon Hillary Clinton and the quasi-Democrat but admitted socialist called ole Bernie.

joeLurking in the wings is the aging, foot-in-mouth, groping, leering Joe Biden, an old pol who cannot keep his hands off good-looking women within grab-ass distance. That is what the Democrats offer voters, a geriatric trio of whiteys.

The party of inclusion and diversity. Oh, the irony!

Are you laughing yet? Can you believe this?

Are we in Alice’s Wonderland?

On the Republican side, we have black, white, Latino, Asian, women, men, an incredibly diverse, talented lineup. The multiculture-obsessed Democrats have three old honkys, and the allegedly racist Republicans reflect a veritable mosaic of color, culture and idiom.

Oh, the irony, again! Let us hold hands and hum Kumbaya.

Why, even Jeb Bush speaks fluent Spanish. Neither Hillary nor Bernie nor Joe speak anything but English. They are language-deficient.

Let’s look at Bernie now.

He’s a socialist, which means he likes Big Government, Heavy Regulation, Welfare, and High Taxes. Just like Barry, but more.

Think Greece. And cringe.

Looking at Bernie’s campaign website, a number of things leap out at me, issues that reflect the dreamy-eyed Utopianism that runs rampant through the leftist way of thinking — if you can call it thinking.

  1. Income equality. There are too many rich people and too many poor people. So rob from the successful and gift to the unsuccessful.
  2. Getting “Big Money” out of politics. Dream on, Bernie.
  3. Racial justice. Blacks are oppressed and cops are bad. Arrant nonsense.
  4. Fighting for women’s rights. What are the rights women lack?
  5. Caring for Veterans. Seven years into a Democrat administration, why hasn’t that happened already, Bernie?
  6. Support the Iran Deal. Yes, Bernie trusts Iran! Good Lord. He has faith in the “Death to America!” Ayatollahs.

There are more, but I know you’re laughing so hard right now that it’s difficult to focus your eyes. Grab a Kleenex.

Thankfully, ole Bernie will not be president, but it’s sad that so many people subscribe to his cockeyed nuttiness. He’s a leftover radical relic from the flower-power 1960s, hardly a sane fit for the 21st century.

Where are the Franklin D. Roosevelts and Harry Trumans? Now those were good Democrats, people worth voting for.

The Devil’s Work

Religious war is under way in the United States.

One army readily confesses that it’s a religion. The other would utterly deny it. But both are classic religions, embraced with Godly fervor.

On one side of the battlement are the Christians. Their heaven lies above us in some uncertain place. On the opposing side are the Leftists. Their heaven, the one they seek to create themselves, lies here on Earth.

helmetOf this, they are as certain as a Pope.

Both beliefs are Utopian. A perfect world above that awaits us versus a perfect world here that we can and must  create.

Since the Christian religion and their perfect world are well-known, let us focus on the less-acknowledged Leftist faith and their  perfect world.

That world is this: From each person what he can contribute, and to each person that which he needs. When this is established, we will live in harmony.

Thus spake Karl Marx.

Think milk, honey and multicultural angels.

This notion, like the Christian heaven, is a pie-in-the-sky concept.

Leftists rule the Democratic Party and Christians rule the Republican. And their religious war is escalating daily to the detriment of the nation.

Religious fervor never accepts compromise, which is an essential element of civic peace and harmony.

The Leftist faithful love to point to the bloody history of their Christian opponents, bloodshed that took place centuries ago. It happened. It was terrible. And, most importantly, it’s in the dim, distant past.

In contrast, the bloodshed of Leftist clerics is quite modern, the Stalinist gulags, the mass starvation campaigns of Comrade Mao, the terror of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge. All were attempts to create Heaven on Earth.

Despite the Leftist antipathy toward traditional religion, they now fervently support Mohammedans against Christians. This is a classic case of the enemies of my enemies are my friends.

While Christians have long since abandoned Inquisitions, Crusades and burning heretics alive, modern Leftists have adopted similar tactics.

There is their Speech Police, their shouting down foes in public forums, their ruining of careers, families and lives.

These are their modern racks, boiling oil, and thumbscrews.

There is their rampant profanity, those hand grenades they lob over the battlements at their Christian opponents daily in the public square.

Religion can be a beautiful thing, and we need it. However, when its fanatics rise too far they unwittingly turn often to the Devil’s Work. Both faiths have been guilty of it, but these days one is far, far guiltier than the other.