Perhaps you’re one of the handful of people who have not heard about this admirable young man.

A collectivist, atheist group threatened a South Carolina high school with a lawsuit if any mention of Christianity took place at their graduation ceremony. The school, of course, knuckled under like the wusses they are even though the Constitution does not forbid prayer at a graduation.

But the valedictorian fooled them. He ripped the speech that had been cleared by sissy administrators, and then he simply recited the Lord’s Prayer to cheers.

This young man, had he been this age in 1938, would have gone on to fly B-17s over Germany because he knows that all lifestyles are not of equal value. He would have been a member of what came to be called The Greatest Generation.

Compare them to what’s running the nation now.

Sitting behind the boy are school administrators, a pathetic pack who, before this deviation from the schedule took place, were thinking of the next 5-year-old they could terrorize for chewing a Pop-Tart into the vague form of a pistol.