The superior nation


MEXICO IS A SUPERIOR nation, especially when stacked up against the United States.

To start with, plants grow better, as this photo illustrates. I planted that big mama bougainvillea when it was knee-high to me, or less. It was in a little pot. You may see a floating head behind the maguey.


That bougainvillea is going to give me problems. On the right, it has gripped the wall, falling over to the other side, providing a pretty view to the sex hotel. On the left, however, it is leaning this way and, in time, will collapse in all its prickly glory. There are two steel support chains in there somewhere, but they’re not enough.

Plants grow better in Mexico.

* * * *

Our economy improves daily. There are lots of help-wanted ads in newspapers. And Help Wanted signs on restaurants and storefronts. Setting up a small, street business is pretty easy and can be profitable. There are bountiful post-high-school educational opportunities. And scholarships. Trade schools too.

So why do we sneak into the United States? Cultural issues. We’ve been doing it for so long we don’t know how to stop. We’re imperfect and must work on that.

The economy in the United States is stagnant and promises to worsen due to stunning debt. Its cultural defects are growing, and people are at one another’s throats. I’ve seen more street people in America than in Mexico.

Our economy points upward. The other side? Nah.

* * * *

There is less violent crime in Mexico. Say what? you exclaim. Yes, you are less likely to be a victim of random violence in most of Mexico than you are in the United States. We are a peaceable people. All the nasty stuff you read stems 99 percent from the narcos and government fighting one another, plus the narcos fighting each other. Stay out of it. And you easily can.

Side issue: The “War on Drugs” prompts the narco violence in Mexico. America is the cause.

You are safer below the border.

* * * *

Our healthcare system is effective and affordable. The U.S. healthcare system is a mess. With ObamaCare it will simply be another sort of mess. You will stand in line. And taxes will increase. You may die in line.

For good medical care, head south.

* * * *

The Mexican government pretty much leaves you in peace. The American government grows more intrusive by the day (See ObamaCare. See Socialism). In Mexico, we are left to live our lives as we wish. Mind your own business  is a basic component of the Mexican culture. And smile while doing it. Say cheese, amigos.

* * * *

Taxes, utilities, labor, etcetera, are far cheaper than in the United States. While we generally earn less than in the United States, we also pay less. And there are ways for the ambitious to earn more. And still pay less.

* * * *

Mexico is not multicultural, and does not want to be. This contributes to peace in a society. We are unicultural, a  blend of original natives with the post-Conquest Spaniards. We are brown, and we speak Spanish. Oh, we give lip service now and then to the indigenous, but nobody really cares. And no one gets “offended.”

We understand that a nation is a group of people who are basically the same.

If you don’t speak Spanish in a Mexican school, you will flunk out. Period. Absolutely no one will “celebrate your roots” if your roots sprouted elsewhere. And if you’re caught here with no visa you are deported lickety-split. No tears are shed over your “rights” or how “oppressed” you are.

* * * *

Mexico realizes that men and women are very different. Mexico would never elect a nancy president who rides a bicycle with a crash helmet, smokes in secret, and wears mom jeans. We would die of embarrassment.

* * * *

It is great to live in a superior nation. We grow stupendous bougainvillea.


Dream, dream, dream


A DREAM LIST for you:

1. Outlawing guns will reduce violence. There is no evidence of this. The old saw, If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns, is absolutely true. Look at Mexico.

2. Outlawing drugs will reduce drug use. After 40 years of the “War on Drugs,” any half-witted teenager can get narcotics easily, usually just a few blocks away. Look around you.

3. The War on Poverty was/is good. After 50 years of this war, the U.S. poverty rate is virtually unchanged. Giving money to poor people is a waste of cash and makes them dependent. Poverty’s roots often are psychological, not monetary. This is especially true in the Developed World.

4. Diversity is good. Fact is that nations in which diverse races, religions and cultures rub shoulders are usually plagued by discord, violence and murder. Don’t promote multiculturalism if you want to live in peace. Nations are built on uniformity.

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

— George Santayana

In the list above, No. 2 is a conservative dream. The other three are collectivist dreams. Generally, collectivists are greater dreamers than conservatives.

* * * *

The Everly Brothers accent this point.

Black crisis

Yule card

That there is a cultural crisis in much of the black population is clear.

The illegitimate-birth rate was far lower in the early 20th century than the current, stunning 70-plus percent. There were more stable, two-parent, black families.

These are not well-known facts.

Segregation was dreadful, but apparently separating blacks and whites did something, forcing a self-reliance upon black families, a self-reliance that has now widely collapsed.

A broad, national unraveling was born in the 1960s, the decade that started America’s downfall, a downfall that continues to this day.

Good and bad legislation came out of the 1960s. Blacks won legal rights, which was good. The “War on Poverty” was begun, which was bad. It put a significant portion of the black population on the government tit. Worse, it created a mindset.

(The poverty rate today is about what it was in the 1960s. In short, the War on Poverty, like the War on Drugs, has been a costly, miserable flop.)

That mindset continues today. You done us wrong, so you owe us a living. It is not universal, of course, but it’s sufficiently widespread to cause serious societal problems.

Black race hustlers, the best known being Al Sharpton, fan the flames of resentment, and they are assisted by silly, guilt-ridden white people.

These same silly white people are those who genuflect and bow to diversity and multiculturalism, which are destructive, divisive ideas in any nation.

I found the photo on the internet. Is it legit? I don’t know. It could be a joke. But what is definitely not a joke is that it could be legit. Easily.

We are in serious trouble.