Misinformation queens

COLLECTIVISTS ARE experts at propaganda and misinformation. So here are some facts for you.

queenLet’s look at the term Fat Cat, which is loved by collectivists. Fat Cat is a snide word for a spectacularly successful person. It is successful people who provide jobs, make the economy run, which spreads the good life and opportunity for all.

Some wealthy people are bad. Some are good. Same goes for the middle class and the poor. Some are good people. Some are real sumbitches. Being bad is not a trait cornered by the successful, those Fat Cats.

And we all want to be wealthy, want to be Fat Cats. It is said that money will not bring happiness, but who among us would not jump at the chance to test that theory? I’d love to be rich, and so would you.

By the way, here are the names of some current and former Fat Cats: Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Mao Zedong. Wildly wealthy, left-wing Fat Cats, they differ from capitalist Fat Cats in this way: They do not make economies run or spread the good life and opportunity for all. They do precisely the contrary.

Every nation in the world is run by Fat Cats. Capitalist Fat Cats are preferred for freedom and prosperity.

At times, you see statements like Republicans want to eliminate welfare, Medicare, Social Security, etc. This too is incorrect. What they want to do is restructure these things so they will thrive in the long run. They want welfare to go to those who deserve it, not beach surfers. They want disability to go to those actually disabled.

When collectivists say otherwise, they are just pandering to the ignorant, and the ignorant eat it up.

Welfare systems are flying out of control again. They were reined in a lot during the Clinton Administration. Republicans did most of the reining. Thank Newt Gingrich. But now they are running rampant once more. The percentage of people on the dole is soaring, and that is not a good thing, financially or culturally.

You also see claims that no Republican voted for the Civil Rights Act. No Republican voted for Social Security. Not one! These errors are passed around willy-nilly online, and people believe them in spite of their being false.

More pandering to the uninformed and gullible.

It is common to hear (Barry is fond of saying it) that the Republican House is a hotbed of obstructionism, and that’s why nothing ever gets done in Washington nowadays. This is false. Hundreds of bills have passed the House, and they now sit stonewalled on the desk of Harry Reid, a high-ranking collectivist.

You need not look far to see the erroneous claim that Republicans don’t want to pay women as much as men. Most collectivists believe this. It is more than incorrect. It is silly nonsense. Who would not want his wife, his daughter, his mother to earn as much as men?

There was a sizable gap in the past, but that has mostly closed. Not entirely, however, and the small gap that still exists is due primarily to factors like the occupations women choose and that they often elect to work part-time, etc. It is not due to conservative oppression as collectivists want you to believe.

I wish conservatives would improve their propaganda skills. The lefties are far better at it.

* * * *

P.S. There is no War on Women either.

Black crisis

Yule card

That there is a cultural crisis in much of the black population is clear.

The illegitimate-birth rate was far lower in the early 20th century than the current, stunning 70-plus percent. There were more stable, two-parent, black families.

These are not well-known facts.

Segregation was dreadful, but apparently separating blacks and whites did something, forcing a self-reliance upon black families, a self-reliance that has now widely collapsed.

A broad, national unraveling was born in the 1960s, the decade that started America’s downfall, a downfall that continues to this day.

Good and bad legislation came out of the 1960s. Blacks won legal rights, which was good. The “War on Poverty” was begun, which was bad. It put a significant portion of the black population on the government tit. Worse, it created a mindset.

(The poverty rate today is about what it was in the 1960s. In short, the War on Poverty, like the War on Drugs, has been a costly, miserable flop.)

That mindset continues today. You done us wrong, so you owe us a living. It is not universal, of course, but it’s sufficiently widespread to cause serious societal problems.

Black race hustlers, the best known being Al Sharpton, fan the flames of resentment, and they are assisted by silly, guilt-ridden white people.

These same silly white people are those who genuflect and bow to diversity and multiculturalism, which are destructive, divisive ideas in any nation.

I found the photo on the internet. Is it legit? I don’t know. It could be a joke. But what is definitely not a joke is that it could be legit. Easily.

We are in serious trouble.

The Mexico option

Much malaise grips the once-great United States of America, and with good reason.

The elites, the ruling class, the educators, now live in la-la land while one person in seven gets food stamps, and the legions of “disabled” people getting government largess increase daily.

mexicoSoon, nobody much will be working anymore. This is unsustainable. Everything and every place has its time, and the American time has passed.

But I have good news!

As your country declines, the one just to the south is rising. The Mexican economy is heading generally upward. Our people are not multicutural and diverse, so we have the lovely peace that brings.

We do not embrace illegal aliens. We deport them.

Our health-care system is excellent and affordable. Your chances of getting mugged are far less. You can tell ethnic jokes without losing your job.

Rents, utilities and taxes are low. Avocados are fresh and tasty.

Many of you can seize this superior option. Here’s how:

There are three income methods. (a) Independent resources, (b) online employment, (c) Social Security and/or corporate pensions.

Joining the Mexican workforce is mostly verboten.

We want jobs to go to our citizens.

Moving to another country requires nerve, which most folks lack. To this I paraphrase FDR: The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

When I sold all and moved south, going on 14 years ago, it was a pure lark. The United States still appeared to be a going concern, but it’s not anymore. You must take action to save yourself. Your ship is sinking.

And I’m here to help, no charge. The Mexico option.