Religious nuts

As often stated, I support organized religion although I am not a subscriber. It sets a society’s moral standards, which is preferable to leaving such things to individuals, a sure recipe for anarchy.

nuts-and-boltsOf our two main religions these days, I back Christianity over Mohammedanism. Both harbor crackpots, however.

Two egregious examples are in the news.

1.  The loons at the now-infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, plan to picket the funerals of those killed by the two Mohammedan wing nuts in Boston.

God, you see, sent the Mohammedans and their scrap-metal-filled pressure cookers to Boston because Obama supports “fag marriage.”

I think Baptist headquarters, wherever that may be, should excommunicate its Westboro brethren posthaste. Most Baptists are good people who favor lemonade and smoked ham on quiet Sunday afternoons.

But Mohammedan loons are always worse than Christian crazies. What the Westboro gang does is merely colossally crass. They do not advocate rape.

2.  A Mohammedan cleric in Syria has given the rape green light to rebels fighting the Mohammedan despot Bashar Assad. Go get ’em, boys!

Well, as long as the rape victims are not Sunni.

And yet, American elites in universities, the media (save Fox) and the pathetic Oval Office occupant are loathe to speak badly of Mohammedans.

Gotta be sensitive to other cultures, ya know.

Nero’s fiddling leaps to mind.