The winter opening

It’s not winter yet, of course, but we’re preparing for it and the Spring that follows. We’ve hoisted the curtains in the upstairs terraza, an annual affair. The curtains reduce substantially the water that soaks the terraza during the five monsoon months.

The summer look, closed in but drier.
The winter-spring look, debuted yesterday.

Raising the curtains is no piece of cake. First, the two of us team up to clean both sides as well as possible with a dust mop and damp paper towels. After that, we crank those babies up for the duration, which is till next June. It’s far nicer to sit out there with the curtains raised. Come join us. Bring wine and brie.


Weird taste

After the toil mentioned above, I took off alone on my daily exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza — a reasonable 20 minutes instead of 20 miles — and just off the plaza this house caught my attention. It’s recently painted. What kind of people paint a house black and pink? Maybe they got a discount on colors no one wanted.

Independence Day!