Obama’s Wonderland

When the murderous, hate-filled, anti-Western, anti-modern cult called the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, which is what can happen when you let zealots vote, Obama continued sending a fortune of your tax lucre and weapons to those lovely people.

The very same sorts who brought you Benghazi.

Now the Egyptian military has booted those fanatics from power, and Obama and much of Europe is ending aid or considering doing so.

Obama's wonderlandWhat is wrong with this picture?


When your desire to “embrace other cultures,” even those wanting to destroy you, and your wish to “set things right” and address “historical wrongs” leads you toward the abyss, it’s time to stop and think.

But there is no stopping and thinking.

Yesterday I watched a video of Obama’s first presidential address to Congress in 2009. No doubt to “embrace another culture,” he quoted from the Koran, surely the first American president to do so.

Washington D.C. is Alice’s New Wonderland.