Hope for Cuba

A BRAVE and enterprising young Cuban woman named Yoani Sánchez has long had a blog from that sad nation. It is written in Spanish, and someone translates an English version. It has been her dream to start an online newspaper, and now she has done so.

The online news site debuted Wednesday. There is only a Spanish edition. Moments after the debut, the URL was hijacked by the despotic government and clicks inside Cuba sent readers to a page cursing Sánchez.


Internet access being what it is in the Castro dictatatorship — controlled — I don’t grasp exactly how the blog or the newspaper reaches the outside world, but it does. Perhaps astride an inner-tube raft. Ms. Sánchez mentions in her blog that some staffers on the online newspaper have already been leaned on by government goons.

The news site, called 14ymedio, which means 14 and a half (must signify something, but I know not what), is not all about politics. You get the temp in Havana (warm) and other cities, the price of boned pork in a private (!) market, and tips on hair care. Plus, there are schedules for cultural events and films. No doubt movies by Matt Damon, George Clooney, Michael Moore and Sean Penn are welcomed by the communist regime. Jules & Jim  was screened Wednesday night on Calle 23 in the Vedado neighborhood. Just so you know.


We also read that the dictatorship assures Cubans that, in spite of sending 50,000 doctors to toil in other countries (for propaganda purposes, of course), the much-touted Cuban healthcare system is as good as ever even though citizens increasingly complain about dreadfully long waits in medical facilities.

Whoopsie! Barry, take note.

The Goddess willing, the Castro dictatorship will crumble sooner than later, and may some of its heaviest bricks fall atop the heads of the collectivist running dogs of communism one easily encounters in the outside world where they themselves live free and content, populating university campuses and union halls. These people mostly are verbal and/or physical thugs. A pox on their houses.

And best wishes to Yoani Sánchez!

* * * *

(I visited Havana in 2012 and wrote about it here.)

Glimpse into Cuba

A Canadian amigo who comments here occasionally and goes by Bob told me of a blog written by a woman in Cuba.

Her name is Yoani Sanchez. She’s in her late 30s. Yoani is very sharp, and she writes of Cuba where, you may recall, my child bride and I spent our 10th anniversary last year.

We did not like Cuba because we do not like dictatorships, and Cuba is a communist tyranny of the worst sort. We went out of curiosity. We won’t return. Havana is dreary.

Red starMany people of the collectivist mindset who live in the Free World speak highly of Castro and the Cuban dictatorship. These people often mean well, but they are uninformed, dreamy eyed utopians. Some have actually been to Cuba and returned with unaltered minds.

They went as tourists, of course, and tourism is the island’s main source of foreign cash now. Cuba also gets help from Venezuela in the form of money and oil. That was Hugo Chavez’s doing, and one wonders how much longer it will continue since he’s dead.

The economically desperate Cuba treats tourists exceptionally well, and does everything possible to cloud reality. If you don’t speak Spanish, all the better. Few Cubans outside the tourist industry can talk to you, and vice versa.

For tourists who prefer seeing nice things instead of the nasty, that is what they see, especially when they vacation at Cuba’s copy of Cancún, the resort called Varadero.

Of if they travel in orchestrated tour groups.

Yoani’s blog is called Generation Y. It is written in Spanish and someone translates it into English. It is revealing, and there are ways you can lend a hand.

Yoani confirms much of what I wrote last year, things that Castro lovers disputed, the extreme difficulty of getting onto the internet, for example.

Communist China gives its citizens easier internet access than does Cuba.

And if anyone wishes to revisit my two-installment Cuba epic, start here. They remain The Unseen Moon’s most-read posts ever.

Look! There’s ole Felipe standing in front of Fidel’s Bay of Pigs tank.