We bought the double lot in an outlying, hardscrabble neighborhood in 2002. The house construction began in August of that year and lasted nine months. The work was done entirely by three talented guys. Ninety-nine percent was done by hand with no machinery. Cement was mixed directly on the ground. A moonlighting schoolteacher and his friend did all the wiring. One old guy did all the painting. And we moved in in May 2003.

Yard on a summer day.
Upstairs terraza, a very sweet place to sit.
Very sunny kitchen in the morning.
View of yard from upstairs terraza.

Many more photos can be seen here.

3 thoughts on “Hacienda

  1. I love that front porch. Wish I could be there right now, but we are still enjoying Nagoya. Dreaming of going to Mexico for a few weeks next winter after (hopefully) spending Christmas in Hawaii with our kids and daughter-in-law.

    Have a great week! Congrats on the bakery. Sorry, can’t remember exactly what you called it. Pastry room maybe.

    Teresa in Nagoya

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